Music: A Universal Language


Music, in my opinion, is the most important form of art on our Planet. It is unlike literature, where you need the ability to read in order to understand. It is unlike fine art, where a conscious appreciation of why and how the painting in front of you, draws on your emotions. On the other hand, understanding music requires absolutely nothing other than your body. “Well, you can’t listen to music without ears” you say, however this could not be more incorrect. As Evelyn Glennie, the famous, deaf, female percussionist and composer says “Hearing is a form of touch. You feel it through your body”. This is why music a universal language with no boundaries or borders. It is also why you hear stories of how pregnant women can feel their babies moving whilst they listen to a piece of music. This subconscious understanding of vibrations is something innate across humans and therefore accessible to all.

Hearing is a form of touch. You feel it through your body”

Another benefit that music has, is the ability to create it whenever and wherever. With literature and fine art (most of the time), you need some type of canvas to in order to create. However with music, we can simply produce through our voices and other types of noise such as clapping. This also explains why music has such a history, due to the accessibility of the medium of sound.

The other reason why music is the most important form of art, is its ability to tell a story. Wherever you go in the World, different cultures will have different forms of music. This is down to the fact that humans, whether intentionally or unintentionally, portray their life experiences through this medium. It is the Hurrian’s “Hymn no.6”, the  Sioux’s “Rain dance music” or Motzart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”. Each piece providing a window into that period of time, each different in their own way, yet similar in how they valued the beauty and significance of music.


The final reason, is that music is the only form of art which causes movement. At most, literature and fine art causes an array of facial expressions but nothing near the extent of full body movement. It is music which allows and gives cause to move freely through dance. These two mediums intertwine with one another, creating an acceptable form of liberation, in what is a seemingly open yet rigid society. This physical liberation is celebrated through festivals like Carnival in Brazil, although these types of events do not occur anywhere near as frequent as they should.

With this considered, music’s universal ability to liberate, story tell and simple accessibility surely gives reason as to why it is the most important form of art.