Tracks/Mixes of the week: 16/11/16

Here is the first iteration of “Tracks/Mixes of the week”, a post in which I share 3 of my best finds. These for the most part, are discovered on soundcloud or youtube, both services which are free to access to the public.

1.This VIP remix of Steve Gurley’s track Walk On By undeniably falls into the jungle genre. The use of the offbeat snare and high-hat as well as the female vocal motif creates this early 90s’ club feel. The chopped up vocals towards the second half only add to the classic genre conventions. A travelling sub bass is placed into the tracks at moments to make the echoing keynotes stand out and add to the layers within. This is definitely one for any jungle advocates among you. Be sure to check out the CJ Reign remix for a much more rhythmically centered and ‘in your face’ version.

Rating: 3/5


2. With the track clocking in at nearly 11 minutes and 30 seconds,  Robert Babicz’s has certainly produced a slow building yet immense piece with Rabbit Clouds. It starts off with a focus on its insect-like sounding percussion, gradually constructing up until just over 2 minutes, where the heavy sub bass takes over. This same sub bass pattern is repeated for the remainder of the track, letting other details like the floating keyboard and maraca to add to the climax. It certainly invites the listener to become more and more involved as the record progresses, allowing them to become lost in this soaring world. I highly recommend listening if you enjoy using music to project yourself within the created space.

Rating: 4/5


3. This piece is by London based Producer/ DJ Church featuring Paul Cut off their new album Volumes 003. The track starts off with these off-beat, light jazz sounding drums,  eventually being joined by the dancing tones of an 80’s sounding keyboard. At around 2 minutes in, we see a change in tone from jazz to an almost upbeat house sound, where smaller details such as the cowbell and soulful vocal samples are added. As it quietens towards the end, the subtle hiss and crackle, similar to that of a vinyl recording, reminds us of the 70’s Jazz sound which resonates throughout the track. This all results in an easy-to-listen to piece of music, which has you tapping your foot and bobbing your head uncontrollably.

Rating: 3/5